Kataragama & Yala Safari


19km from Tissamaharama is the holy  town of Kataragama. This is a popular pilgrimage site for many religions and a prime example of how peaceful coexistence can be. The unassuming town hosts a Tamil and Buddhist temple, and it is custom to visit both despite your religion, alongside a mosque and Christian church. Vendors gather outside the Temple entrance selling bowls of beautiful, juicy tropical fruit to be offered to Lord Kataragama who presides over the Tamil Temple and the musky hue of incense lingers in the air. In my opinion, best visited by night, the Buddhist Temple invites you to quietly reflect on your life before the lively dancing and chanting of the Tamil Temple draws you inward and leaves you with a smile on your face. Watch out for the burning coconuts!

Yala National Park

A vast national Park spread over hundreds of kilometres, Yala is the most frequented nature reserve for those wishing to partake in a Safari in Sri Lanka. Home to many rare species of birds, some endemic to Sri Lanka and mammals that include bears, wild boar, monkeys and crocodiles. Yala is most famous for housing one of the highest leopard densities in the world and it is very likely that your talented safari Guide will be instrumental in helping you to "spot" them. Yala is also a very important area in the conservation of the unique Sri Lankan elephants and they can be seen going about their family business in droves, throughout the park.

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