Hill Country


Surrounded by lush hills and boasting a refreshingly cooler climate Kandy is Sri Lanka's second largest but according to some opinion, better looking city! A spiritual city and home to the beautiful and lively Temple of the Tooth, this may be your opportunity to explore the sacred side of the Island. The Temple is world renowned and hugely important to the Buddhist community for it houses the sacred tooth of Buddha. A huge, white Buddha statue looms over the city, watching your every move and is well worth an up close visit. Kandy also boasts a marvellous shopping quarter. You can meander through the narrow windy streets looking for that special piece of jewellery or head to one of the modern shopping centres for amazing high street bargains.


Nuwara Eliya

High up in the mountains, approximately 2500 metres above sea level and placed at the centre of the country is a town like no other in Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya. Noticeably cooler it can feel at times like you are actually in the clouds as the evening fog sets in. This is where the best quality highland  Ceylon tea hails from and gosh does it make for some beautiful sights. The rolling mountains and valleys that encase the town and are shrouded in fog never fail to catch your breath, even if you've seen them a thousand times.  Nuwara Eliya is a remarkably well kept town, with beautifully arranged lawns and gardens and a startling glimpse at what Sri Lanka may have looked like under Colonial rule. Despite it's unusual appearance, this is not theatre, once you look past the Saree's and sarongs coupled with big woolly jumpers and beanie hats, life here is as "Sri Lankan" as the rest of the country. Agriculture is the main industry here and the villages around the town burst with crops of potatoes, cauliflower, carrots and ...beetroot! On a clear, crisp evening in Nuwara Eliya, just look up, and you'll see millions of twinkling stars reminding you that some of the best things in life are indeed free.

Adams Peak (Sri Prada)

Also known as "butterfly mountain", Adam's Peak is a holy site to a number of religions. Many take the pilgrims trail to see the "sacred footprint" at the top . But whose footprint? Well that depends who you speak to. Is it Buddha's? Shiva's? Adam's or that of St. Thomas? The peak season for climbing Adam's Peak is April when weather conditions are at their best to coincide with New Year. However, be aware that it can be extremely busy at this time. From the Poya day(full moon)in December to Wesak (May Poya) the trail is open to be climbed. It is not advisable to attempt to climb the mountain outside of the season as weather conditions can be extremely harsh and the well trodden route is unlit. The goal is to reach the summit by sun rise when the mountain casts a spectacular shadow over the surrounding land, and climbing the illuminated mountain at night can be a breathtaking experience.

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