East coast


This stretch of beach is beautiful, white sands and palm trees with crystal clear sea. In season the sea is akin to a swimming pool, flat and serene...perfect for snorkeling. Whilst this stretch of beach has always been highly commended for its beauty, the end of the war makes it a much pleasanter experience as this area used to be heavily patrolled and check pointed. In the East/West monsoon season (Nov onwards) the weather is less favourable. However it retains an interesting beauty and is a highly recommended destination. Whale watching, snorkelling, fishing and delicious cuisine make this area even more enticing for the traveller who wants to venture of the beaten track.



Beautiful beaches akin to that at Nilavelli, Uppuveli is regaining it's popularity with travellers following the arrival of peace to the area. A popular destination for all sea based activities. The cuisine in this area is splendid and local variations set it apart from the Sri Lankan food found in the majority of the island.



south coast

We have a variety of tried and tested accomodation at each beach location. Depending on your choice of location, other requirements and budget preference we will find you the nicest, most suitable place to stay during the final part of your holiday. Of course if you prefer to seek your own beach accomodation or to stay somewhere that has been recommended to you by others that is also possible.



A white palm fringed sandy beach and crystal clear water, Mirissa is the perfect beach for those wishing to really unwind. A handful of good sea food restaurants on the beach is all you need.  Matara is the nearest town and a short tuk tuk ride will give you access to supermarkets, ATM's and any other services you need... on the otherhand...what else could you possibly need. Mirissa is small but certainly not dull, busy but not overcrowded. In a nutshell...sensational.



Weligama is primarily a fishing village, secondly a beach resort which makes it a great choice if you want to spend some time relaxing and taking in local coastal life. Wander through the fresh, outdoor fish market that made Rick Stein giggle like a small child on Christmas day or try your hand at a spot of body boarding or surfing. Sea food reigns supreme here and you'll be charmed by the simplicity and buzz of coastal life. This village will make you want to hang up your suit jacket forever and it will be a challenge to try and leave.

Unawatuna near Galle


This long stretch of beach is perfect for backpackers and families alike. By day a chilled out beach town with a host of restaurants, bars, souvenir shops and ayuvedic massage parlours, by night it is lively, busy and fun. That said, there's nothing annoying about Unawatuna and it has maintained an air of laid back quality. If you want peace and quiet, it's also easy to find. Unawatuna reaches out to hug you..you'll smile and want to hug it back. There's oodles of hotels and guesthouses here although high season(December) sees accomodation fill up extremely quickly so it would be worth booking ahead if you plan to spend Christmas or New Year here.



Situated on the south-west Coast of Sri Lanka, approximately two hours from Colombo, Kalutara offers some of the finest hotel resorts in the country. Kalutara itself is a large town however the coastal hotels lay on an appealing stretch of beach. If the comforts of a top quality hotel with impeccable service are what floats your Sri Lankan fishing boat this could be the right choice for you. 



With a choice of beaches and a array of accomodation to suit every budget, Tangalle is a great choice. Choose from sea front cabana, home stays, eco resorts or independently run guest houses.  A great place to spend lazy days basking in the sun, sipping a King coconut or having a refresing dip in the shimmering Indian Ocean. Between April and September, Tangalla is also a popular destination for observing turtles laying their eggs, a moving experience.




Until recently deserted stretches of pristine beach, Koggala now houses some of the most luxurious accomodation in Sri Lanka. Perfect for honeymooners or those who wish to spend their final days in secluded indulgence.  




Conveniently located close to the airport, Negombo has often been our choice of destination to begin and end our time in Sri Lanka. A vast array of accomodation and eateries makes this a good choice for those whose time is precious and don't want to spend their final days in Sri Lanka travelling. The beaches here are ok but unfortunately not the cleanest. The sea is not suitable for swimming as there are dangerous undercurrents but most hotels and guesthouses have swimming pools. Negombo is popular with local holiday makers and weekends can be extremely busy here resulting in sometimes excrutiating tariffs.

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